Forbes’ Frost Talk is Fortelling…

With the Financier Magnate Magazine Discussing Cold-Weather Crop Loss, Should We Be Worried?

In a surprisingly mainstream routed reveal, the issue of mass crop loss due to patterns of increasingly inhospitable weather was headlined in a piece published by Forbes last week.

The article, albeit short and relatively topical, warns only of the upcoming market effect to be felt following this year’s impeded crop yield. Written by Jim Foerster, a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, the piece reminds readers that cold weather could be detrimental to many aspects of agricultural output. Delays caused by frozen equipment, inability to harvest winter wheat crops, and the devastating rise of livestock morbidity, with some animals simply not surviving the sudden drop in temperature; all of these factors which can, and are, negatively impacting farmers’ abilities to provide ample food supplies for the global population in 2019-2020.

A cold weather front kills 1,600 cattle in 
Yakima Valley, WA. February, 2019

The fact that Forbes is covering this worldwide threat is somewhat forboding. A poignant reminder of the importance of self-sustainability, especially during times when the system- in this case, the agricultural supply system- could largely fail in its performance. Having a stock of storable, nutritious food is a move that puts to rest any fear of a short-term food crisis.

The weather, it seems, has showed extreme flucuations and reestablishing of regional tempertaure “norms” is nature’s sign of the times. Don’t be caught offguard by the cyclically-calculated cold, and its effects on crops. There is a degree of induvidual responsibility that each of us must take in securing a stable source of food for ourselves and our family, in and under all sorts of seasons or weather.

Forbes’ warning of weather extremes reminds us of the 
following societal show of food supply shortages.

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