The Week in Water

The headlines collected for this segment,”The Week in Water”, are centered around water supply events that occur in the United States of America. Stories are chosen to represent the variance of issues that are faced by members of the U.S. public; people just like you and I.

As you read, ask yourself, what you would do, if you were in these same situations?

Nationwide Headlines on Water Issues & Water Safety Across America

covering the 2nd week of February, 2019.

Arsenic levels marked upon corresponding well location; Charlo, MT

High arsenic levels found in wells across Montana’s Flathead Reservation, sending two to hospital due to poisoning. 22 wells in and near the town of Charlo,Montana were tested, and the results from most well locations showed excessive levels of arsenic-3,and arsenic-5. Human safety levels of exposure are set by the EPA at 10 ppb; Charlo area wells were averaged near 35 ppb, with some wells showing arsenic toxicity level as high as 142 ppb.

Runoff from processing plants often causes red algae breakouts, which starve fish populations for oxygen

Slaugterhouse to be sued by the Center for Biological Diversity for constantly polluting Colorado River. A ‘notice of intent to sue’ has been filed against the nation’s biggest meat supplier, JBS, for illegally dumping biohazardous wastes from its facilities, streaming it straight into a river that supplies public drinking water. Nearly 10 million pounds of pollution is deposited into the river water each year. The runoff contains ammonia, animal fat solids, and various pathogens. The river affected in this particular case is a major tributary of the Colorado River, which brings water to U.S. residents in western and south western states.

A recently published study of deep-ground aquifers and springs claims to be the first to find microplastics in fractured limestone aquifers. These deep-ground reserves, which make up about a quarter of the drinking water supply worldwide, were shown to be actively building up a system blockage of absorbed microplastics; the outcome of such pollution, is compleletly unknown.

Despite the worrisome,and, at times,overwhelming, news that we may report on,our goal is largely to inform and outfit the public. Knowing the truth about the safety of your water supply allows you to plan and prepare accordingly, therefor assuring your family’s wellbeing.

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Now,there’s news to drink to!

I invite any who read this to actively “get to know your H2O.” Find out the source of your local tap, and what the latest test results show. With America’s aged pipe system infastrcuture spanning the whole of the nation, it must be assumed that any system-fed water in the U.S.A. is contaminated. Heavy metals, poisons, disease-causing agents, and solid wastes are NOT what your family deserves in their water. Whether pump-drawn, raised from a deep well, or poured right out of the kitchen tap-its important to intake only the best. Filtration of water is key for the health and wellness of you, and those you love.

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